Wednesday, June 15, 2011

CTBJ, First Entry:

June 15th:

Today I realized that there could be a happy resolution to my rather baseless desire to journal about my interests regarding the struggle within to put pen to paper on one hand, and on the other the desire to be able to realistically read what I have written at some later date. My penmanship has been stuck in elementary school since the early 90's and I see don't handwriting classes in my future, but I do not enjoy the tap-tapping of keys nearly so well as the stroke of the pen so a word document wasn't nearly satisfying enough to hold my interest. Then, while smoking a cigar and unwinding from a day far more stressful than it would have appeared from the outside, it came to me. I could start another blog.  Who amoungst us has been on the internet extensively over the rise of the "social era" and hasn't had a blog or two that they've left to collect "net dust" after an eager early attempt at "connecting with a cyber audience" about topics they obsess over? Well I for one have, and lets hope this attempt at a digital outlet will fare much better than my blog about homebrewing. As much as I would LOVE to have a leather bound journal full of rich handmade paper just ready for me to pour out fine ink on, I believe that creating a personal Blog about as many topics as I find interesting will be more useful overall to a fellow with my shortcomings and perhaps more fruitful.

I intend to fill these pages, well digital pages, with my thoughts and commentary on any variety of topics which are of interest to me. Hopefully I can regularly use pictures as well as words to more fully express the topics on hand. A few things that may come up along the way include, religion and fishing of course, hence the blog title, as well as my family, good food and cooking, beverages, cigars, politics(rarely I hope), firearms, finance and economics, technology, and Lord knows what else. In the coming days I have lots of spring and early summer happenings that I intend to get published, I can't wait to go ahead and record them while the memories are still fresh in my mind.

I don't expect anyone to actually visit this page and read what it is I have written, but if they do I hope that they will be pleased with what they find.  I don't want to blog to an audience, but I especially don't want a blog that generates uproar just for the lurid fact of creating uproar. I hope that anyone who reads my blog will read it for what it is, one man looking for an outlet that he can use to express himself and call upon later to recollect the things he took the time to record. With God's Mighty Blessing and the intercession of the Saints, may this be a fruitful endeavor for His Greater Glory and may I do His will in this and all of my activities.

Yours in JMJ,

Catholic Trout Bum

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